Best Wellbeing

We deliver the very best support to the very best staff. How? With our award-winning staff provision.

Our Wellbeing Commitment

We take the wellbeing of our staff team seriously. We strive to make a difference to our team by making sure they feel listened to, supported and have a workload that works.

Through a consultation with the staff at the centres, we found out the things that make a difference to them at work.

We have pledged a Wellbeing Commitment that covers 12 key areas. These include timetable shift patterns, at least two consecutive days off a week, line manager support, holidays and communication.


As soon as you submit your application, you’ll have all the information you need to ensure we’re the right fit for you. Our recruitment team are on hand to answer all your questions and you’ll start receiving support from your centre as soon as you accept your job offer.

Once you start, you will have regular contact with your Line Manager. They will be a key person in your career with us. Their primary focus is to create a positive workplace for you. They will observe your activity sessions, provide you with supportive feedback and help you work towards your goals, and are on hand for you to talk to if you need other support. Sometimes what you need might be out of their remit and they may advise you to use one of our two external support services.

We have a central team that runs your induction training. During this time, they will be on hand to help you settle into Group Leader life with your fellow trainees. The bond you create with the team you start with can last a lifetime and the support you offer each other during training is priceless.

Praise & Recognition

It is always great to get genuine praise and recognition for the fantastic work you do. At Robinwood, we do this in a variety of different ways.

We run a staff survey once a year where we ask for your input on some important topics at Robinwood. Included in this survey is your opportunity for you to vote for the Best Site Worker, Best at Supporting and Most Enthusiastic and Positive members from your team.

At our centres, we place great importance on peer recognition as it builds a stronger team culture and supports our work with the schools that visit us. We have a system where our staff can send individual praise to each other whenever they notice a reason to do so. Your line manager receives a copy of this praise, allowing them to see the wonderful things you are doing for others.

Your line manager shares your progress updates with Martin, the Managing Director of Robinwood, who then sends you recognition via emails. Martin is actively involved in the training for all new Group Leaders and has a keen interest in the progress of each individual as they continue with Robinwood.


It is important to us that, where possible, your timetable supports your hobbies and commitments outside of Robinwood. To do this we will offer you a fixed timetable with the same days off each week and twelve weeks holiday a year.

Through conversations during the recruitment process and with your line manager when you start, we will work hard to find a timetable that suits you. This could include you choosing to reduce the hours you work a week which you are able to do from week eight of your employment to get the right balance. There is also the option to choose a preference of catering shifts for your support days which would remove the need for you to do occasional night duty shifts.

With a lot of our staff choosing to stay and develop their career with us we have had the pleasure of seeing them settle down and some choosing to start families. We offer a very supportive maternity and paternity provision including the option to take shared parental leave.

Social Responsibility

Giving back is another way we boost staff happiness. It adds a great feel-good factor for all and makes a positive impact in our local communities.

Our Walk to Work initiative has helped us raise thousands of pounds for charity over the years. Encouraging our staff to run, walk, cycle and carpool benefit the environment, our neighbours and the health of our employees not to mention the beneficiaries of the charities we’ve supported.

Many of our employees generously volunteer their time to support different charities and organisations outside of work. To show our appreciation, we offer a matching program where up to 12 hours of volunteering per staff member can be counted as paid work hours each year. Additionally, if your volunteer work involves fundraising, we will match the amount you raise, up to a maximum of £100, to contribute to your overall total.

What Our Staff Say About Working At Robinwood