Best Lifestyle

We get the work-life balance just right. How? With 12 weeks holiday a year and fixed timetables.

Year-Round Employment & Permanent Contracts

One of the things that makes us stand out in this industry is that we only offer permanent year-round contracts. There isn’t any ‘pro rata’ business thrown around on here! We also balance your hours across the year meaning that you get paid every month, even when we’re on holiday. We don’t offer apprenticeships or different pay levels based on age. We believe that all our Group Leaders do an exceptional job and should be contracted and trained the same.


By sticking closely to the school calendar, we can offer you an impressive 12 weeks off each year. Your primary holiday periods will fall in August, Christmas, and Easter, with 3 weeks (February, May/June, and October) reserved for half terms. With lots of opportunities for rest and adventure, how do you plan on spending your time off?


We know that most people like routine. It means we can join clubs and plan for life outside of work. That’s why we aim to set our team’s timetables and give at least two consecutive days off every week. So whether you are planning to head home to see family, gather friends together to go on an adventure or become a Scout leader, you will always be able to see your timetable 5 weeks in advance and know your set timetabled days ongoing.

Social Events

Great teamwork is key at Robinwood; therefore, we jump at any opportunity to put on team building and social activities. Each centre has a team of staff who organise regular social events and a team dedicated to boosting everyone’s well-being. We’ve had everything from massages to salsa classes, doughnut weeks, ice hockey trips, graffiti workshops, and scavenger hunts. Ideas and attendees are always welcome.

What Our Staff Say About Working At Robinwood