Best Pay

We reward the valuable work our staff do. How? By being an honest and transparent living wage employer.

Living Wage

Making a commitment to our staff by being a Living Wage Employer is something we feel passionate about. The whole team do an incredible job developing children and deserves the fairest pair possible.

We also believe the increased cost of living shouldn’t impact you doing a job you love. Being a Living Wage Employer is one of the many benefits we have to enable our Group Leaders to do a job that they really want to do.

Group Leader Pay

We offer all our staff, regardless of age, a real living wage. Everyone contributes equally towards the success of our courses, and therefore, we do not discriminate based on age or offer apprenticeship schemes.

Here is our Group Leader starting wage in greater detail. This will be your gross pay, not pro rata, and has no hidden deductions. Due to our brilliant bonus systems, your income will be greater than this. There is also a 17.5% increase in pay on any weekend hours that are worked.

Barhaugh Hall
Dobroyd Castle
Maes y nant
£12.40 /hr
£12.00 /hr
£12.00 /hr
£23,213 per annum (36 hpw)
£22,464 per annum (36 hpw)
£22,464 per annum (36 hpw)

All new starters begin training on a 33 HPW contract. You can increase or decrease this to suit your needs, after the six-week training period.

We use an annualised hours system to ensure that you receive a consistent monthly wage, regardless of differences in your monthly work hours. Your permanent, year-round contract provides financial stability, helping you plan for the future.

Bonus Payments

The Profit Bonus (paid throughout the spring season), is a share of our annual profit. The percentage level of your bonus increases over your first five years. In 2023 we paid an average profit bonus of more than £1,000 each, to everyone (just over 250 members of staff) who helped us achieve our 2022 profit.  Our staff team make all the difference in the quality of courses we offer, so we are very happy to share our profits with them.

Progression and Promotion

We love supporting our staff in their personal development. Recognising strengths and giving individuals an opportunity to use them is something we pride ourselves in. Group Leaders can gain a Course Leader increment and from there apply for various different roles.

*The starting pays below are for Dobroyd Castle and Maes y Nant. Staff at Barhaugh Hall receive an additional 40p per hour.

Per Hour
increase per hour
increase per annum
Course Leader
£936 (36 hpw)

The additional increments Course Leaders can gain are detailed below.

per hour
increase per annum
Starting Pay
Lead Nights
£936 (36 hpw)
Lead Grounds
£1123 (36 hpw)
£1872 (36 hpw)
Training Instructor
£1872 (36 hpw)

Senior Positions

We only promote from within Robinwood so everyone starts as a Group Leader. Promotion routes into more senior positions are available. Support from your Line Manager will be key in helping you with this.

*The pay rates below are for Dobroyd Castle and Maes y Nant. Staff at Barhaugh Hall receive an additional 40p per hour.

per hour
Starting pay
Pay after 4 years served
Senior Course Leader
£26,114 (36hpw)
£26,863 (36 hpw)
£27,565 (38 hpw)
£28,356 (38 hpw)
Lead Cook
£27,050 (36 hpw)
£27,799 (36 hpw)
Senior Course Leader + Training Instructor
£27,050 (36 hpw)
£27,799 (36 hpw)
Senior Instructor
£31,262 (36 hpw)
£32,760 (36 hpw)
Assistant Manager
£37,939 (38 hpw)
£40,310 (38 hpw)

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