Best Team

We build fun and supportive teams. How? With our values-based recruitment process.

For many people who work with us, the friends they have made here are a headline reason why they love the job so much.

Everyone at Robinwood starts as a Group Leader and is appointed based on their values. One of the fantastic benefits of this is that our staff are always around like-minded people.

Outdoor sports, bushcraft, board games, you name it, someone will be interested in it too. Our staff team come from so many different backgrounds that you will be sure of finding some common ground. This creates a welcoming, understanding and fun staff team that we are sure you will love being part of.

Throughout the year, we run and pay for several staff social events organised by the staff team. Outside of work, there are always things happening. Enjoy knitting or arts and crafts? Want to go on a ski trip? Enjoy a dip or want to explore the local area? There will always be somebody looking for someone else to adventure with.

And with 12 weeks of holiday a year and a guaranteed two consecutive days off a week, you will have plenty of time for these.

Want to enjoy the quiet life and relax outside of work? Then that is totally fine too.

‘Together we achieve more as a team’ is a part of one of our values. It might be cheesy to say, but at Robinwood, we really do live up to it.

And with our staff living in the local area and the permanent year-round contracts we offer, you will want to (we hope) stay with us for many years and become part of what we firmly believe is the best team.

Meet the Barhaugh Hall Team

“What I love the most about my job is the people. It’s also great having the same children for 3 days as it means there is enough time to get to know them. I love having an active job, in a beautiful location and being a positive influence to the next generation. It’s a huge contrast to my previous profession in Civil Engineering.

I have many hobbies which include running, breakdancing, juggling, paddling and music. Through my church I support men by running mindfulness camps in the wild. The work-life balance offered at Robinwood with 12 weeks holiday really enables me to pursue this.

Robinwood is such a closely-knit team that definitely makes a really positive difference developing children and I am so proud to be a part of it.”


“I really wanted to work in the outdoors and after doing some research and applying I said goodbye to hospitality and hello to Robinwood.

My job is amazing! The thing I love the most about my job is the difference we make to the children. Also, it’s great being able to link my job up with some of my hobbies like climbing and find colleagues to share others with like mountain biking and hiking.

The atmosphere at our centre and the way we are treated by the company is brilliant. Everyone is so positive and supportive and Robinwood is always looking for ways to improve standards for the children and the staff.”


“I love seeing how much fun the children have without even realising how much they are learning in the process! I’ve also learned a lot from my time at Robinwood. I’ve discovered new hobbies like climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding, in addition to practicing karate, a passion of mine since childhood.

Applying to Robinwood was a natural step for me, having previously worked as a Play & Youth Worker in Newcastle. Both roles involve working with diverse groups of children and are very rewarding.

I appreciate how Robinwood’s values align with my own, and their recruitment process ensures that all team members share those values. The company takes excellent care of us, with perks like fantastic holidays, profit bonuses, and free meals.”


Meet the Dobroyd Castle Team

“I applied to Robinwood when my dream of becoming a professional Horse Racing Jockey was over after I broke my leg. It was a completely new career path for me and I can’t believe just how much I love this job.

My favourite part is working with a team that I can call family. But a close second favourite is meeting all the children and making sure they have the most amazing time.

Outside of work, I enjoy rock-climbing with my friends. We also go walking and for meals and generally have a great time. Even though I enjoy time out of work, Robinwood is definitely my happy place!”


“Having come from a big city, this has been an experience like no other. I previously worked in the National Maritime Museum in a retail role. I enjoyed it for some of the same reasons I enjoy Robinwood; connecting with people and expanding my knowledge. I had a desire for adventure though and London couldn’t offer me that.

Getting away from all those buildings and into the Todmorden countryside has allowed me to find new hobbies such as camping and hiking all while still making time for skateboarding!

The best thing overall about working here is how much everyone is constantly encouraging each other. It keeps everyone in high spirits, I’ve not seen anything quite like it anywhere else I’ve worked.”


“After teaching for over 20 years, it was time for a change and I knew that Robinwood was going to be the right move.

The thing I love about my job here is that every week is different with different children. I get to see a big changes in their resilience, confidence and other skills and I know how important that will be back in the classroom.

Outside of work, I enjoy walking, playing golf and socialising with friends. The social events, which are free, are a great way to get to know people.

My favourite Robinwood perk is definitely the work life balance. I have the same, guaranteed days off each week and the school holidays off too!”


Meet the Maes y Nant Team

“I have worked all around the world in the outdoor industry and I can safely say that Robinwood is a really great company to work for. They genuinely care about all of their staff; they look after us so well!

It’s rare in the industry to get such a great work life balance. My favourite perk is the 12 weeks of holiday. It means I get to go hiking which I love as well as other adventures.The people I have met here have become lifelong friends. We do loads of fun things together.

It’s a job where I can help children and teachers make memories they’ll never forget which is incredibly rewarding. It doesn’t even feel like work!”


“I worked as a teacher/TA in the UK and in Japan for a while then I jumped around different seasonal outdoor activity jobs before settling at Robinwood.

I love that here I get paid to give children one of the best weeks of their lives and that I do that with a bunch of awesome people all trying to do the same thing. I get to work with children year-round with sociable hours, fair pay, free food and my own place.

My free time is spent with friends I’ve made at work. We go on adventures and go trail running, paddleboarding, play overly-complicated board games and too much videogaming.”


“We are really listened to and treated as individuals here. Even visiting staff from our Head Office greet us by name and genuinely take an interest. My favourite thing about the company is definitely how much they care about their staff.

I was a primary school teacher but soon realised I wanted to be outdoors. After working in this industry for a year I heard that Robinwood was the place to be if you wanted the ultimate work-life balance. It’s so true! I love that the company has such a clear focus on developing children, which is why I became a teacher, but add that to being able to buy my own home with Snowdonia on my doorstep and meet the most amazing people to share adventures with, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”


What Our Staff Say About Working At Robinwood