We have Robinwood staff timetabled to look after children throughout their stay, including staff on night duty who remain awake to supervise the children throughout the night. A member of the management team takes overall charge of activity centre operations and is available to you whenever needed.

Your course leader is your main point of contact, supervising and overseeing your whole school group, with a group leader timetabled in charge of each activity group.

Group leaders are supported by additional instructors on certain activity sessions, by additional staff at bedtime and wake-up periods, and by night duty staff overnight.

We aim to provide teachers with the opportunity to get involved at a level that suits them. Robinwood staff take charge and run activity sessions from 9.00am to 9.00pm each day. There are roles that teachers can take within activity sessions to be involved to some degree if they choose, but most teachers love the opportunity to be able to stand back and observe how children perform, how they respond to different challenges, how they work as a team and what they achieve over their time at Robinwood. We aim to take the pressure off, whilst still recognising the responsibility teachers have when taking children on a residential visit and working with each party leader to ensure a level of involvement they want.

When the group leader’s day finishes at 9.00pm, the course leader for your school will do a review of the day with all the children, whilst they have a drink and snack before bedtime.

Bedtime staff will generally have been involved with groups through the late afternoon and evening, typically assisting on activity sessions and/or assisting at meal times. Bedtime staff work alongside night duty staff from 9.00pm to 10.30pm, by which time children will be in bed with lights out settling down for sleep. Night duty staff are on duty from 9.00pm to 9.00am. All dormitories have a button that children can press if they need assistance from night duty staff for whatever reason. Pressing this button will indicate on a pager held by night duty staff which dormitory needs assistance.

As well as being available on call through the call assistance buttons, night duty staff will also patrol the dormitory corridors on a regular basis to ensure dormitories are quiet overnight, providing children and teachers with the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.

The wake-up staff team come in early to join with night duty staff supervising the children as they get up, prepare for the day and go for breakfast.

We have staff timetabled throughout, to ensure that your stay at Robinwood is as smooth and worry free as possible, but are also very keen to ensure that you have the level of involvement that you want at all times.

What Schools say about trips to Robinwood

We really appreciate all the recommendations we get from schools who have visited Robinwood and the number of schools who come for the first time as a result of recommendations from friends and colleagues. We are constantly updating the comments from schools who have recently attended a Robinwood Course. The schools that attend come from areas of the Midlands, throughout the North of England and up into Scotland. But don’t just take our word for it, See what they have to say about robinwood. For more testimonials and recommendations visit our Highly Recommended Page.

"Having led many school trips both in this country and abroad I have to say that the service and facilities provided by Robinwood are some of the best - thankyou once again for an amazing trip that builds memories, cements friendships and shows our children that they can achieve whatever they wish with the right support and encouragement. Head Office were great at sending through some extra information about how children with SEND were encouraged to fully participate in activities and sent through an information pack that the child could work through at home. Booking Procedure - Really easy and straight forward. Organisation on Centre - Amazing! The centre is often at full capacity when we visit, but you wouldn't know it because of the smooth running of every operation. Value for Money - For the amount of enjoyment and care our children receive I think it is worth every penny. Overall Enjoyment - Our children always come back having had the best time ever - they are challenged, supported and live every minute of their visit to the max. Overall Educational Value - Robinwood educates children in resilience, teamwork and leadership - all virtues that are invaluable as Y6 prepare to leave primary education. Overnight Supervision - It is invaluable to school staff to know that they can get a decent night's sleep relying on the excellent care of the 'Night Ninjas'."

Birkenshaw Primary School, Birkenshaw