We have included a selection of the comments made by visiting teachers throughout this website and we are constantly updating, so that you can see more than 300 different quotes from schools who have visited one of our centres within the last 12 months.

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Gold Investors In Customers Accreditation

In June 2017 we were assessed for the Investors in Customers award, based on feedback from schools who attended Robinwood in the previous 12 months. We achieved a Gold rating and the highest score ever for a first time assessment.

The most highly recommended company ever assessed

As part of the assessment process our net promoter score was assessed. This is an internationally recognised measure of how much a company is recommended by its customers and was independently assessed for Robinwood at 91%*, making Robinwood the most highly recommended company ever to undergo Investors in Customers assessment.

Thank you to everyone who has recommended us to others, helping us to grow and also to improve through the feedback that you provide.

* The net promoter score is based on responses on a scale of 0 (extremely unlikely) to 10 (extremely likely) to the question ‘How likely are you to recommend the company to others’. Scores of 9 or 10 are counted as ‘promoters’, scores of 7 or 8 are counted as ‘passive’ and scores of 0 to 6 are counted as ‘detractors’. The net promoter score is the percentage of promoters less the percentage of detractors. Robinwood’s net promoter score was based on 385 responses (which could be given anonymously) within investors in customers assessment.

What Schools say about trips to Robinwood

We really appreciate all the recommendations we get from schools who have visited Robinwood and the number of schools who come for the first time as a result of recommendations from friends and colleagues. We are constantly updating the comments from schools who have recently attended a Robinwood Course. The schools that attend come from areas of the Midlands, throughout the North of England and up into Scotland.

"Brochure and initial information - Really clear information and brochure. The DVD effectively showed the children and parents what to expect. Head Office staff - Extremely helpful - we had contact with the head office staff prior to our visit regarding a number of additional needs within the group and this contact was always professional and efficient. Outstanding organisation throughout the trip. Safety was paramount in all the activities we experienced. An excellent opportunity for children to develop team work and life skills. Overnight Supervision - We were completely happy with overnight supervision; all of our children managed these times independently and it took all of the stress out of an overnight stay. Teachers' rooms were well equipped, spacious and warm. The dining room was well equipped and well managed at meal times. Delicious food with a range of options available to cater for all diets."

Bowmandale Primary School, Barton-on-Humber