This is our first purpose built centre, with all the very best Robinwood sessions, perfect for key stage 2 groups. It will deliver the ultimate Robinwood timetable with 15 fantastic activities all close at hand including, for the first time at Robinwood, a high ropes course.

We will ensure an action packed, fun-filled three days within which every child has the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop under careful guidance throughout from their Robinwood group leader.
For many years we have had to operate a waiting list to fit schools in to Robinwood centres, which were already full to capacity. Cross Lanes opening means we now have much better availability for new schools to attend Robinwood.

To check availability and with any other queries please phone 01706 814554.

To find out more about Robinwood Cross Lanes Centre CLICK HERE.

What Schools say about Robinwood

We really appreciate all the recommendations we get from schools who have visited Robinwood and the number of schools who come for the first time as a result of recommendations from friends and colleagues. We are constantly updating the comments from schools who have recently attended a Robinwood Course. The schools that attend come from areas of the Midlands, throughout the North of England and up into Scotland. But don’t just take our word for it, See what they have to say about robinwood. For more testimonials and recommendations visit our Highly Recommended Page.

"We loved the whole experience! We thought that the activities suited the year group really well and pushed them out of their comfort zones. Organisation on centre - Completely streamline! We would never have thought that there were 200 + children on site. No hiccups and other instructors came to help when running behind. Instructors never seemed stressed. Head teacher commented on how all of the safety equipment looked of a really good quality and new. No worn pieces. We could tell that safety was paramount to each instructor as it was checked multiple times in a session. Achieving agreed learning objectives - Nightline is a prime example of how this was achieved. Children working together and helping one another. Even those that usually don't or those that are quiet! Overnight Supervision - Everything was calm and night staff took care of any problems - well recorded and very useful to have copies of the night book. Great communication to lead teacher each morning of any issues. Food - Great - something for all needs as we brought children who could only have halal meat, vegetarians and lactose intolerant."

Oakwood Avenue Community Primary School, Warrington


Activities at Robinwood

We have 15 high quality activity sessions. Although most are offered at all Robinwood centres, there are some which only operate at selected centres. All centres run a very similar, busy programme with typically 15 activities packed in to the three days at Robinwood. There are slight variations in activities offered at each centre and the activity programme also varies according to the time of year.