Indoor Activity

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We have specially designed indoor caving systems at all of our centres. They are constructed for realism and adventure, but also to introduce the activity at a level that is just right for the 7 to 11 year old age group. The tunnel system has emergency exits at frequent intervals. The children all wear caving helmets with a caving torch at the front, to guide them through the tunnel network. As with many of our activities the instructors use lots of creativity to capture the imagination of the group, with cave exploration and rescue themes included for the later part of caving sessions.

Other Activities at Robinwood

We have 15 high quality activity sessions. Although most are offered at all Robinwood centres,there are some which only operate at selected centres. All centres run a very similar, busy programme with typically 15 activities packed in to the three days at Robinwood. There are slight variations in activities offered at each centre and the activity programme also varies according to the time of year.

What Schools say about our activities

We really appreciate all the recommendations we get from schools who have visited Robinwood and the number of schools who come for the first time as a result of recommendations from friends and colleagues. We are constantly updating the comments from schools who have recently attended a Robinwood Course. The schools that attend come from areas of the Midlands, throughout the North of England and up into Scotland. But don’t just take our word for it, See what they have to say about robinwood. For more testimonials and recommendations visit our Highly Recommended Page.

"Unbelievably well organised - it amazes me every time we visit! Like a military operation! Overall safety - Exceptional. Overall Enjoyment - Our children have talked of nothing else since they left. They loved every second. Food - Always love our food at Robinwood - the staff could not be more accommodating. The children couldn't believe they could have a full cooked breakfast! Amazing. Activities: Quest - This was amazing - I loved Dragon's Quest previously and this was even better! Ingeniously made games. Piranha Pool - Always a favourite of ours - really gets the children to focus and challenge themselves. Night Line - Children have actually been discussing today about how much this activity made them think and how much they realised they take for granted that they have full vision. This was lovely to hear them discussing. Fantastic for communication skills. Giant Swing - LOVE. The children were all excited for this prior to coming and it didn't disappoint - it never does! Dungeon - Again, like Quest, lovely to have activities that really make the children think. Gives the children opportunities to shine in different ways. Crate Challenge - Fantastic for team working and communication. I love the new addition of 'earning' the respect, communication etc crates. Caving - Our children loved caving - although some were quite nervous at first. With the support and encouragement from Robinwood staff all conquered their fears and loved it. Canoeing - Nearly all our children have commented that canoeing was the activity they found hardest, due to the fact they were relying almost completely on the rest of the group. Excellent for communication and team working skills. Archery - Safety checks fantastic. All children really enjoyed. Zip Wire - Excellent activity - the children all said they like the speed and the fact they took control of their own equipment eg unclipping/releasing black handle etc. Trapeze - Always a challenge for the children - excellent activity - I love seeing the children in my class doing this. It pushes them enormously. Team Challenge - A wonderful bonding experience for the children, full of fun."

St Bernadette's RC Primary School, Nunthorpe