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Group Leader Training and Development

Robinwood Activity Centre have held the ‘Investor in People Award’ since Autumn 2000. This is a nationally recognised indicator of good practice in staff training and development.

Robinwood won a National Training Award for the quality and effectiveness of our group leader training programme. We then went on to become overall winners of the ‘Investors in People National Training Award for a Small Business’.

Robinwood offer a wide range of training and development opportunities as follows:

Staff induction course

All instructor staff take part in a staff induction course lasting around 4 weeks, before they take charge of any groups of children. By the end of the initial training course instructors will have been trained and assessed to look after a group of children throughout a Robinwood course. They will be trained to lead all activities where a group leader runs the session and to assist with other activities for example, stream walk, zip wire and team challenge where another member of the Robinwood team typically runs the session assisted by the group leader.

The induction course includes training and assessment for the following N.G.B. qualifications: B.C.U. open canoeing 1 star, the foundation safety and rescue test and outdoor emergency first aid.

Many other nationally recognised qualifications will be offered within on-going training, once your employment period has started.

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Probationary Period

The first four months of a group leader's employment is a probationary period, at the end of which staff are expected to have passed the necessary activity assessments, to have satisfactorily carried out the other duties of the group leader role and to have had positive customer feedback. Lots of support is provided to staff to help them achieve the required standard by the end of the four months. The vast majority of staff do pass their probationary period and go on to become successful group leaders.

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Ongoing staff development

Robinwood Activity Centre makes a commitment to offer staff training on an on-going basis throughout your employment. As well as activity based ‘hard skills’ we also offer training in more child centred ‘soft skills’.

Training and development is offered to each member of staff at a level appropriate for them. There are regular opportunities to discuss and review your training needs. We see our staff team as the single most important factor in the success of Robinwood Activity Centre and we are therefore concerned to ensure that they receive the best training and development programme we can offer.

The on-going training programme at Robinwood also includes taking part in canoeing, climbing and other outdoor activities under the guidance of our senior staff and independent experts. Training offered will give staff the opportunity to improve their personal skills in a range of activities, as well as to learn about instructing groups of children in these activities.

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National Governing Body Awards

As well as comprehensive in-house training, we also offer opportunities for staff to gain nationally recognised qualifications, including BCU star awards, CWA training, SPA training and ML training. We also offer a varied range of other relevant non-activity courses, e.g. sign language, behaviour management.

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Really enjoyed second visit to Robinwood - we enjoyed the whole experience including the hot weather !! The children described the experience as 'amazing', 'great', 'fab'. Many were delighted at challenging their own fears and achieving.

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